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We want sociology to be understandable, regardless of your expertise, and outputs that will be beneficial and useful. Our goal is to link up each person with an interest in space where we spend our lives – sociologists, architects, municipalities and locals – and create opportunities for sharing and thus contribute to creating better places to live. We explore space and its meaning for local people and society. Our job involves qualitative and participative research. But we do not perceive methods as immutable and predetermined. We approach each project individually, design individual procedures and solutions and adapt it appropriately to the specific conditions to hand. We want interdisciplinary cooperation to become a regular part of planning processes. We believe that good places to live are ones that allow and encourage the involvement of all groups in planning. Only in this way can a long-term viable society emerge.

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Together we will establish what ideas and expectations the inhabitants of your community have. What do they think about place where they live? What do they appreciate and what bothers them? Where can they see room for improvement? What would help you and them to live better together? Using qualitative techniques means that we also get residents involved who would not otherwise express their opinion. We create a safe space for open dialogue enabling us to gather meaningful, useful and applicable information for you.

Strategic planning, urban planning, round tables, participation, community development.


You know how it is: you’re overwhelmed with work and need a lot of information from the field. What do locals think about the place where they move daily? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the place? What are the peculiarities of this place and how does this specific location work? What would help to improve the quality of this place? We find answers to these questions. And, above all, we produce meaningful, useful and applicable outputs. Not just stacks of paper full of data, but answers to the specific topics that we formulated together. We believe that the important thing is the result which, in this case, should be a better place to live.

Urban planning and urban studies, strategic planning, analyses, qualitative research.


Do you feel the need to vitalise community life in your neighbourhood and are you looking for ways of enhancing the locals’ feeling of belonging and their attitude to their district? Or don’t you like the way your community is being managed, but you need advice on how to address the local council leadership and start a productive dialogue? Or do you need to start a dialogue between different groups of locals with different opinions? We can help. We approach each challenge individually and find concrete solution, involving classic approaches as well as experimental or completely new methods.

Public meetings, community planning, neighbourhood meetings, street party

We believe that current mantra of interdisciplinary cooperation really works and we are doing our best to make it a regular part of the planning process. And because we believe that the sooner we start, the better, we try to create opportunities for students and professionals: workshops and summer schools, where students of architecture, sociology and related fields can meet and learn successful mutual cooperation, using a common language.
Lectures and discussion cycles with experts from Czechia and abroad. We would be very happy to work with students and graduates on our current projects. Feel free to contact us!

Project Architects on trial, game Urban visionary, workshops, discussions, lectures.

Workshop Litomyšl a Vysoké Mýto


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